New Playland Nursery School understands that food is more than just something to eat! Food is important for all children because:

  • Children grow and develop more rapidly during the first three years than at any other time of life 
  • As children learn to feed themselves, they are developing motor skills. Consuming food provides learning opportunities. 
  • Variety is the spice of life. Young children are curious and want to try new foods. Studies show that children who have experience a variety of food tastes, textures, and colours when they are young are better eaters and are better nourished. 
  • Mealtime provides a good opportunity for children and staff to communicate in a family-style setting and provide pleasure and satisfaction for children in a relaxed atmosphere. Children acquire attitudes towards food from their care providers. 
  • Good eating habits learned in the early years can last a lifetime. ​​
  • A list of children with food allergies and the specifics of the restrictions/ allergies and it is posted in clear view in both the cooking area and play areas 
  • Complete menus are posted on our Menu Board located right inside the entrances to our center. 
  • All menus are kept for a minimum of 30 days following the last day that it was applicable. ​
  • We never force a child to eat or punish them for not eating. This would create negative feelings associated with food ​
  • We never use food as a reward, punishment, or bribe 
  • We understand that from time to time a child might miss a meal and snack but they will not do it for long enough to cause severe malnutrition 
  • We understand that picky eating will only get better when a child knows that we will not control how much they eat or whether or not they eat 
  • We always make mealtime and snack time pleasant 
  • We always provide a variety of healthy food choices 
  • We offer meals and snacks at consistent times each day so that children can learn to count on the next nutrition break

While soy/rice/coconut/oat milk can be served with meals and snacks, safe water is readily available for children to drink throughout the day. Hydration is important to keep organs working well and may help prevent the children from becoming irritable. Toddlers are served whole dairy milk.

Choking Prevention 

  • We cut food into small bite-sized pieces 
  • We identify potentially dangerous foods ie: grapes 
  • We make sure the child is sitting upright while eating 
  • We always supervise the children while eating 
  • We discourage eating with a full mouth 

Food Allergy Steps Taken to Help a Food Allergic Child

  • We develop a food plan with the parent or guardian to meet the child’s special dietary needs that would also meet the nutrition requirements of the Child Care Early Years Act 
  • Inform other children and their parents about the need to modify the menu to reduce exposure to allergenic food 
  • We are aware of what types of food that child should avoid 
  • We are sure to tell the parents or guardians if we notice any evidence of reactions to food while in our care and we follow our safety procedures

Download our current menu here.